dimanche, mars 02, 2008


"Piss off, poor idiot"
"Get lost, asshole"
"Get lost, you stupid bastard!"
Vai via, vai via, allora, povero coglione"
"Rajá, pobre pelotudo"
"Dann hau doch ab, Du armseliger Dummkopf"
"Dann hau doch ab, du Blödmann"

Comme l’a fait remarquer un lecteur du Monde, cette traduction est nettement plus adéquate en allemand :

"Hau doch ab, du Arsch!" voire même : "Hau doch ab, Arschloch!"

Quant à l’anglais (américain), celle-ci me semble plus appropriée :

"Fuck off, asshole!"

2 commentaires:

Paul a dit…

The Americans have a good one: "Fuck off and die!" which is really rather rude it has to be said.

Paul a dit…

Actually, reading the Le Monde story, this reminds me of an Engish magazine piece which sadly I no longer have. It was called "Sworn in EEC". With an international vocabulary, Sarko in his best unpresidential style would have had plenty of options: I recall from Spanish "I shit in your milk" or "I shit on your dead relatives"; in Italian of course, "Va fan culo" but the most robust came from Hungary: "A horse's penis up your arse" Really quite extraordinary...