samedi, août 30, 2008

Algorithm March

Grâce à un article dans Le Post du 28 août, j'ai pu apprendre que la Tecktonik is out, Algorithm March is in.

Instructions :

  1. Bend knees, reach out straight with hands
  2. Lean back hands on hips
  3. Turn around, bow
  4. Face right, right hand horizon sweep
  5. Bend knees, breast stroke
  6. Pick up from ground
  7. Shake arms downwards (like you are pumping a bicycle tyre)
  8. Flap arms
Source : Wikipedia

Enjoy! Mais attention ! On n’arrive plus à se débarrasser de la musique ; elle hante vos oreilles durant des heures...

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Paul a dit…

It was puzzling to begin with, but the all became clear with the fugue!