mercredi, mars 17, 2010

Peter Graves - Jim Phelps - Ben Harper

L'acteur Peter Graves, plus connu sous le nom de Jim Phelps, son personnage dans la série télévisée culte "Mission impossible", est mort dimanche dernier à son domicile de Los Angeles.

N'oublions pas pour autant son second rôle (Ben Harper) dans "La nuit du chasseur/The Night of the Hunter", film sinon culte, du moins magnifique.


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Paul a dit…

Fascinating stuff:

In the Mission Impossible introduction sequence, I noticed:
- a computer card - bad memories of my time in a computer bureau in the 1970s
- A very nice cat

And the Night of the Hunter I've never seen it but Robert Mitchum - one of my favourites - isn't he brilliant? Apparently he had no acting training at all.

Great post, thanks.

cm a dit…

As far as I remember, you saw this film once in Paris. We discussed the lake scene...

Paul a dit…

I bow of course to your memory, being well aware of the limitations of my own, but I cannot recall seeing the film. This is most embarrassing especially for an avowed Mitchum fan!