mardi, septembre 11, 2007

Génial !

Panneau en Australie

Source : Travellerspoint

Panneau en Inde

Source : Travellerspoint

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William Skyvington a dit…

The Aussie sign appears to be a deliberate and senseless gag, not an authentic road sign.

Paul a dit…

Surely not?!

Seriously though, perhaps the creator of the sign had a more subtle point to make - encapsulated in the words "and will be reported to the authorities"

Perhaps like me he feels that there is too much of "the authorities" these days and not enough private life?

Anonyme a dit…

Ben ... en vla quelques-unes qu'on m'a envoyees un jour et que j'ai mises en ligne y a longtemps ... sources : inconnues :-(
Enjoy !

cm a dit…

En effet, il y a quelques perles !