dimanche, janvier 14, 2007

A l’ère de Photoshop

Messieurs, cette vidéo risque de mettre fin à certains de vos fantasmes, mais comme le proverbe dit : un homme averti…
Faites de beaux rêves quand même !

4 commentaires:

Paul a dit…

What a brilliant piece of work - I wish I could use Photoshop like that - of course I got the message too, but after all, there's nothing new in this; people have been decorating themselves since the Stone Age and probably always will.

cm a dit…

That's not the point, Paul.
I just wanted to tell men that if they dream to meet a pretty "créature" like this one, they can wait for ages - it's just fake and Photoshop.

Paul a dit…

Hmm, well if the men want this, then they'll have to buy really powerful computers and get trained on Photoshop!

Perhpas soon we'll "really" be living in a "virtual" world.

Anonyme a dit…

que de femmes belles
j'aimerais bien voir les hommes sous photoshop!!!!